Episode 85:

Building Accessible Financial Education with Penny Forward

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“Whether someone wants to be independent with their finances is their absolute decision…but what I don’t want that decision to be based around is the fact that someone cannot see anymore…I want to help [people] realize that there are options.” – Liz Bottner

On this week’s episode, we get to know Chris Peterson and Liz Bottner of Penny Forward. Penny Forward is a non-profit organization that offers accessible financial wellness education and counseling programs for people who are blind or disabled. Chris started the organization in 2020, and together with Liz they are “boldly and bravely” breaking down barriers to financial counseling and education.

Chris and Liz share some of the ways managing personal finances is unique to someone who is blind or low-vision. They also remind us that, with all clients, it’s important to get to know each client individually – their needs, goals and aspirations. Learn how Penny Forward can be a resource to you, and the ways you can get involved and support their mission.

Show Notes:
1:27 Chris & LIz’s journey into this space
4:06 From teaching to starting Penny Forward
9:00 Liz’s background and being cohost
12:57 Personal finance and the blind community
18:30 Advice for professionals wanting to be more accessible
22:28 How can people get involved with Penny Forward
26:49 Chris & Liz’s final 2 cents


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