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These programs cover a diverse range of subjects related to financial counseling, coaching, planning and education to fit your specific area of expertise.

Please review the Guide to Maintaining Your Certification to learn more about CEU requirements, the approval process and retention of certification. For learning opportunities available anytime, please see our On-Demand Programs. 

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Upcoming Events

September 2021

Bringing together cutting-edge research from Ledger and up-to-date information from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, this webinar will provide participants with a foundational understanding of cryptocurrency. Dr. Chris Wilmer will be training on what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and current research trends, while Mr. Dan Rutherford will be introducing…

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October 2021

October 21 @ 12:00 pm

Ethics can be complex, especially when working under multiple ethical codes. This webinar will explore balancing personal ethical codes and the Uniform Code of Military Justice through real life application exploration. Presenter: Heather Baker

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October 28 @ 12:00 pm

Active listening, or seeking first to understand, is a critical skill for all financial professionals to develop. Active listening will help you engage, empathize with, and truly connect with your clients. In this interactive webinar Ryan H. Law, CFP® AFC®, will discuss the importance of seeking first to understand your…

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