At AFCPE®, we believe in the value of connection and the importance of relationship building, which is why we are passionate about connecting financial professionals across the continuum of care. 

We believe that mentorship is foundational to a professional’s development and growth. The MentorConnect program is an informal mentorship program designed to enhance your professional career. 

A strong mentoring relationship is built on collaboration and commitment.


While the person designated as the mentor may have more experience, skill or knowledge, in a strong mentoring relationship, both mentor and mentee learn from one another.

Why become a Mentor?

For more seasoned professionals, being a Mentor is a great way to pay it forward. We’ve all had people in our lives who have helped shape our work and our career. The MentorConnect program offers you the opportunity to share skills, resources, and connections – to help others work through issues and challenges, to develop strategic thinking and to foster growth.

Why become a Mentee?

Whether you are looking for guidance as you go through an AFCPE certification program, thinking about making a career change or just want to enhance skills and knowledge to grow in your work, having a mentor provides you with access to new skills, knowledge and the opportunity to expand your network and broaden your professional opportunities.

Willa Williams, AFC®, AFCPE® Member

“What I love most about being an AFCPE® Member is just the opportunity to be a part of something cutting edge that’s bringing together financial education and literacy opportunities to everybody.”

Ben A Mercado, AFC®

"The community of AFCPE® is really beneficial because we are able to group with other practitioners, like myself, other educators, and even researchers."

Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, AIF®

"Membership with the AFCPE®, I mean, it's a slam dunk. If you're in this business working as an educator, as a researcher on personal financial issues, this is the place to be."

Jerry Buchko, Private Practice, 2018 AFCPE® President

"You learn from each other and that excitement just builds. You feed off of each other! It just carries you along."

Syble Solomon, AFCPE® Member

“AFCPE® Members are the people who really make things happen – they create policy, do the research, develop programs and work with people who need their expertise.”


Download and read the entire AFCPE® MentorConnect packet. Understand how the Mentoring relationship works. Are you interested? Move on to Step 2.

AFCPE® MentorConnect packet


Complete the MentorConnect form below. This provides the AFCPE® member services team with a little more information about you – and tells us if you are seeking a mentor or volunteering to be a mentor (or maybe you want to do both!)

An AFCPE® staff member will make a warm email introduction between mentor and mentee. At this time, we pass the baton to you to schedule the first meeting and to develop a schedule or connection that works best for each of you.


Registration for the 2021 AFCPE® MentorConnect Program opens in December 2020.

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