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Real Money, Real Experts is a personal finance podcast written and produced by AFCPE®. With an audience of financial professionals, we strive to educate and entertain with a combination of expert tips, engaging interviews, and real-life storytelling. 

  • Covering real stories about how professionals like you are impacting their clients.
  • Offering tips from real experts on how to improve client interactions and grow your business.


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AFCPE® ensures the highest integrity of the financial counseling profession by certifying, connecting, and supporting diverse professionals. Our comprehensive programs, the AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor®) and represent the gold standard of financial counseling and coaching certifications. And our membership community offers a place to share best practices, solve similar struggles, and access tools and resources that advance your career and enable you to better serve your clients.

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Meet the Hosts

Rachael DeLeon, AFCPE

Rachael DeLeon, AFCPE® Executive Director

Rachael DeLeon, Executive Director of AFCPE®, is co-host of Real Money, Real Experts podcast. Rachael leads AFCPE, a national association for financial counselors, coaches, and educators. AFCPE certifies, supports, and connects professionals across the personal finance field who are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and passionate about helping people with their money.

Mary Bell Carlson, AFC®, CFP®, Ph.D.

Dr. Mary Bell Carlson is a financial behavior expert and is currently the President and Founder of Financial Behavior Keynote Group, a speaking and consulting firm providing thought leadership around financial behavior change. She also teaches at the University of Georgia and Texas Tech University in personal financial planning and holds both the AFC® and CFP® credentials.

Recent Episodes

Real Money, Real Experts: Rahkim Sabree

Episode 86: Financial Trauma with Rahkim Sabree Download the transcript! On today’s episode we talk to AFC candidate, Rahkim Sabree, a financial coach, entrepreneur, and thought leader on the topic of financial trauma. We discuss how personal background, cultural experiences, and mental health all play a role in personal finance, and how financial professionals can add a trauma-informed lens to

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Real Money, Real Experts: Penny Forward

Episode 85: Building Accessible Financial Education with Penny Forward Download the transcript! “Whether someone wants to be independent with their finances is their absolute decision…but what I don’t want that decision to be based around is the fact that someone cannot see anymore…I want to help [people] realize that there are options.” – Liz Bottner On this week’s episode, we

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Real Money, Real Experts: Ryan Law, AFC®,CFP®

Episode 84: Student Loan Repayment: What you need to know with Ryan Law, AFC®,CFP® Download the transcript! With the student loan pause coming to an end and a new repayment plan announced, we wanted to answer your questions. And who better to help us break down the new Student Loan SAVE plan than Ryan Law. Ryan H. Law is an

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Real Money, Real Experts: Sarah Newcomb

Episode 83: Changing the Face of Financial Education with Sarah Newcomb Download the transcript! Sarah Newcomb is an applied scientist, behavioral economist, and the Founder of the Thrive Financial Empowerment Center. Her work bridges the gap between research and practice, adapting the findings of academic research for practical use in personal financial management. In this episode, Sarah shares her own

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Real Money, Real Experts: Rhonda Noordyk

Episode 82: Helping Women Navigate Divorce with Rhonda Noordyk Download the transcript or watch on Youtube with captions! Rhonda Noordyk, founded The Women’s Financial Wellness Center in 2014.  Her mission is to help reduce financial vulnerability for women going through divorce.  In this episode, Rhonda talks to us about the challenges women face when going through divorce, the financial considerations,

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Real Money, Real Experts: Kimberly Henne

Episode 81: Expanding Your Impact: Volunteering in the Nonprofit Space with Kimberly Henne Download the transcript or watch on YouTube! Kimberly Henne is a board member and financial wellness coach for a local nonprofit, Ways for Life, an organization that works with youth aged 15 – 25 who are touched by foster care or homelessness.  In this episode we learn

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Listener Reviews

"I am excited about the Real Money, Real Experts Podcast. The hosts Rebecca and Mary have such rich and diverse background in the financial counseling and education space and they complement each other well. Usually in the first few episodes of a podcast, there is a sense of working out the kinks and getting comfortable with the format but this was a polished effort from the start. I also like the 20-min format, perfect for a listen on my morning jog or while running errands. I look forward upcoming episodes."

"Looking forward to more episodes hosted by these two great financial professionals!"

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8 responses to “Real Money, Real Experts Podcast”

  1. Hello! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! l just finished listening to Real Money/Real Experts, Pilot Episode and truly enjoyed meeting you! I was so INSPIRED and MOTIVATED that l WILL cease PROCRASTINATING and get started on reaching my next life’s goal of becoming a financial Coach/Counselor. Thank you so much for the AMAZING LEADERSHIP! Ms. Farrow

    • Thank you so much for listening! We hope you stick around and enjoy future episodes. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. How can we get FICO open access- for free for our clients instead of paying the fees associated with getting the score and the needed education/coaching? Can this not be waived for financial coaching for AFCPE members?
    Carol Ehlers
    ISU Extension
    712-732-5056 (home office/not open yet)
    712-299-3454 (personal cell)

  3. I use the PodCruncher app for iPhone. Thoroughly enjoyed the interesting and informative first four podcasts. I’m going to listen to E5 sometime this afternoon. Terrific job so far! Thank you!

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