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#ResearchWednesday: Financial ratios and financial satisfaction

Exploring associations between objective and subjective measures of financial well-being among older Americans.Financial planners and counselors use various methods to measure individuals’ financial situations. One method is to calculate financial ratios and compare them to benchmarks recommended by financial professionals.This study examines three financial ratios including the liquidity ratio, the...

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#ResearchWednesday: Financial Knowledge, Confidence, Credit Use, & Financial Satisfaction

In our article, “Financial Knowledge, Confidence, Credit Use, and Financial Satisfaction” we investigate the associations between consumers’ confidence in their financial knowledge and their financial behaviors and financial satisfaction. We observe that in order for customers to use their financial knowledge when making credit card use decisions, they must be...

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#ResearchWednesday: Risk Tolerance and the Financial Satisfaction of Credit Card Users

 What makes people unhappy with their credit cards?  Surprisingly, it’s not the interest charges.  This paper finds that what causes people stress and dissatisfaction with their credit cards has to do with how they use the cards more than how much the cards actually wind up costing.  Being late on...

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#ResearchWednesday: Does Financial Literacy Education Influence Career Attitude?

 This study develops a general method for evaluating changes in response relating to students’ perceptions of personal finance and financial products using data from a sample of 1,250 students aged 16-18 who participated in a financial capability education study in the UK. We find significant changes in the responses of...

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#ResearchWednesday: A Women’s Financial Self-Efficacy Scale

 In Volume 30 (1) of the Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning (JFCP), Hoa Thi Nguyen’s paper presents the development and validation of a Financial Self-Efficacy Scale that was tested with women in the United States. The Women's Financial Self-Efficacy Scale (WFSES) showed good evidence of reliability and validity. Its...

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#ResearchWednesday: Tax-time Savings Interventions

Being unbanked makes it difficult for low and moderate-income (LMI) households to manage finances, save, and access credit. In this study, we assessed effects of an online tax-time savings intervention on savings account openings in the 6 months following tax filing among a sample of 4,692 LMI tax filers. New research...

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