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Executive Team

Executive Director

Rachael DeLeon

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Finance Manager

Sherry Wallace

Operations Officer

Ashley Maurer


Certification Department Main Line


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Certification Exams

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Continuing Education Approvals

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Senior Director of Certification Programs

Michelle Starkey

Senior Certification Program Manager

Jarod Taylor

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Certification Administrative Coordinator

Kay Robinson


Education Department

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Director of Education

Summer Red

Education Manager

Valerie Richards

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Education Coordinator 

Jessie Jimenez

Member Services

Member Services Main Line


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Zulairam Ruiz-Agosto, Member Services Coordinator

Member Services Manager

Zulairam Ruiz-Agosto

Journal Editor

Jing Jian Xiao, Ph.D.
University of Rhode Island
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
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Member Engagement Coordinator

Amy Smith

Special Programs

Special Programs Senior Coordinator

Ann Hamilton

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Military Spouse Fellowship

Heather Baker

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Special Events Senior Manager

Sara Martin-Fuller


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Communications Director

Kelsey Croston

Communications Coordinator

Brianna Then

Frequently Asked Questions

What is myAFCPE?

  • myAFCPE is your personal dashboard to all things AFCPE. Here you will find your certification, membership, and profile information, important registration forms. You can also access resources to support you in your work and your career, including discussion boards to interact with the AFCPE professional network.

How do I reset my 
myAFCPE password?

  • Please click here and enter the email address associated with your myAFCPE profile. You will receive a password reset link at that email address to guide you through the reset process. If more assistance is needed, please contact AFCPE.

What does NCCA accreditation mean?

  • NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Compliance with NCCA standards shows that the educational content and testing for the AFC® is psychometrically sound and has been developed, maintained and governed by the highest standard.This recognition and achievement sets the certification mark apart from others in the field and emphasizes the highest standard of excellence that AFCPE has built for this field. AFCPE earned this achievement in December 2015 and will continue to maintain accreditation by upholding the NCCA Standards.

How do I determine which pathway is right for me?

  • There are several education pathways for enrollment in the AFC certification program. To learn about all of our pathways and find the right fit for you, click here. If more assistance is needed, please contact the AFCPE Certification Department.

How do I know if I’m eligible for special pricing?

  • AFCPE offers an exam discount for full-time students, group pricing for groups of 10 or more, and our exam is approved for Military Education Benefits. For more details, please visit our AFC Special Pricing page.

How do I make a payment for someone else?

  • Please have the enrollee complete the registration process to the payment page, selecting any options they wish to purchase. Then the cardholder should contact AFCPE at 614-368-1055 (option 3) to submit payment over the phone. Please be prepared to provide the enrollee’s name and the total charge.

How do I request an invoice or receipt?

  • Email your request and include enrollee(s) name(s), which options you wish to purchase, and contact information including contact name and address for the payor, and email address where the invoice should be sent. For a receipt, include enrollee(s) name(s), date of purchase, name of payor, and email address where the receipt should be sent.

How quickly will I receive my study materials?

  • Study materials are shipped twice a week using USPS Priority Mail. A tracking number will be provided to you via email once materials are shipped. Most candidates receive their materials within 7-10 days of registration.

What additional study materials are available to help me complete my AFC® certification?

  • Review Courses:
    Each course is led by qualified instructors, who will help participants review the AFC study material and emphasize key points and learning objectives. These courses do not replace the need to study the material in its entirety. Registration is located in myAFCPE.*
    • Webinar review: Offered 3 times per year, our 2-month course is available in an online webinar format, meeting once a week. week.
  • AFC Study Guide:
    • Included with some pathways and available for purchase a la carte, the AFC Study Guide provides you with a roadmap through the course and allows you to test your knowledge along the way.

What needs to be completed by my certification program deadline?

  • All four stages of certification must be completed by your deadline: Education, Exam, Experience, and Ethics. This includes successfully passing the exam, submitting 1,000 hours of applicable field experience, experience verification form, and committing to ongoing professional development and the Code of Ethics.

Can I get a certification program extension if I need more time?

  • AFCPE offers a one time, 6-month extension to allow you additional time to complete the program requirements. The extension request form is located at  myAFCPE. The extension form, along with the extension fee, must be submitted prior to your deadline in order to be approved.

What is the format of the exam?

  • The AFC exam is offered in a single, three-hour session with 165 multiple-choice questions (150 operational and 15 pretest). Each question contains four options, only one of which is the correct answer. Imbedded in the examination are “pretest” questions, which are included in the examination for statistical purposes only. Pretest questions are placed on the exam to evaluate the item’s difficulty level for possible inclusion as a scored question in the future. Candidates’ scores are based upon the number of scored items on the exam — pretest items do not affect the candidates’ score. Pretest questions are dispersed throughout the examination and cannot be identified. For more information, see the AFC Exam Guide. 

When do I find out my exam results?

  • Candidates will receive automatic results/score reports at the examination site immediately following the examination administration. Score reports are released directly to candidates only. Results are not released by phone. Requests for exam results to be released to anyone other than the candidate must be made in writing by the candidate.

How do I schedule my exam?

  • Within 3 business days of submitting payment for your exam, you should receive scheduling instructions directly from PSI via email. You may schedule your exam online or by calling (888) 519-9901. You will need to know your Assigned ID Number, which can be found in your myAFCPE Dashboard.

I paid my exam fee. Do I have to take the exam within a certain period of time?

  • No, you may schedule and sit for your exam any time prior to your deadline. Upon submission of your exam fee, you will receive instructions for scheduling via email. Keep these instructions for reference when you are ready to schedule.

I had an issue taking my exam. What is my recourse?

  • Candidates who fail an exam may file an appeal if they believe the exam failure is a result of:
  1. Examination scoring/grading errors
  2. Inappropriate exam administration procedures that violate AFCPE Certification Council policy
  3. Testing conditions severe enough to cause a significant disruption of the examination process (including environmental conditions or disruptions caused by other candidates)
  • Complaints or appeals may be submitted in writing before the exam and up until thirty (30) days after exam administration. Complaints or appeals will not be considered after the thirty (30) days have expired. Written appeals must be submitted via email or mail with supporting documentation or evidence to the Certification Program Director. Review the Candidate Handbook for further details.

How do I find testing locations?

  • Testing center locations can be found by visiting the PSI website.

Can I test at an international location?

  • If you are a US Citizen stationed overseas serving in the US military, AFCPE offers the administration of its certification examinations overseas coordinated through PSI. Please contact your preferred local test center to arrange a mutually acceptable testing date and time at least 45 days prior to your preferred testing date. Test centers within your local area may include college and university testing centers, libraries, or education centers on a US military base. You should tell your Test Center Officer that you will be taking a computer-based exam which requires internet access.

    AFC candidates with an enrollment date of 1/1/2023 or later may test at an international location if they have a military affiliation. AFC candidates without a military affiliation may need to travel to the United States to sit for the AFC exam. AFCPE cannot guarantee international testing for candidates enrolled on or after 1/1/2023 without a military affiliation.

I passed my exam. Now what?

  • Your score will be recorded within 3 business days. You will receive instructions via email to login to your myAFCPE Dashboard to complete the remaining requirements for certification.

When is the AFC exam offered?

  • The AFC exam is offered year round at over 300 PSI Testing Centers across the United States. Most testing centers offer two exam administrations daily, Monday through Friday, and one exam administration on at least one Saturday per month. For specific times and availability for the testing center nearest you, please pay your exam fee to receive your Assigned ID number and login to the PSI Website or call customer service at (888) 519-9901.

I didn’t receive my instruction email from PSI.

  • You will receive instructions, via email, to schedule your exam from PSI within 3 business days of payment of your exam fee. Please check your SPAM folder and contact us at exams@afcpe.org if you are unable to locate the instructions. The instructions are also shown in your myAFCPE Dashboard once your exam fee is paid. 

I failed my exam. What now?

  • Diagnostic information is provided on score reports for those candidates who were unsuccessful. Diagnostic breakdowns, calculated for each domain, are intended to identify content areas by showing areas of relative strength and weakness. Information is provided to assist the candidate in identifying areas of study for purposes of subsequent examination.
  • Additional study assistance may be found here (link to information above).  

What qualifies as experience?

  • Any type of direct, personal financial counseling, advising, education, curriculum development, etc. will qualify for the experiential requirement. Candidates may also include webinars, training, and coursework. You may obtain the hours while you complete the program, and you can include hours up to 7 years prior to enrollment in the program. You may work on the exam and the experience hours concurrently or in any order you choose, as long as the hours and the exam are successfully completed within the program timeframe. For more information, see the Experience Guide

How do I document my experience hours?

  • Experience hours can be submitted via your myAFCPE Dashboard at any time after enrollment. Candidates will be required to submit the Experience Verification Form as a final step to completing certification. 

I’m certified. Now what?

  • Annual fees are now due each year on June 30. 
  • The certification reporting period is two full calendar years, specifically one even year and one odd year. Certification may be obtained at different times during a reporting period and CEUs required can vary depending on graduation year. Please refer to the Guide to Maintaining Your Certification.

How does my employer or potential employer verify my certification is in good standing?

  • For certification verification, please follow the instructions here

How do I get a program approved for CEUs?

  • If several AFCPE certified individuals are planning to attend an event together, a representative of the group may submit the Group CEU pre-approval form AFCPE will review the request, assign a number of CEU credits, and provide a confirmation email to the applicant. 
  • Following the conference or workshop, each individual certificant must submit an Individual CEU form. You must also submit proof of participation (code phrase, a certificate, test score, submissions, confirmation of completion from host, or other confirmation of participation).

How many CEUs do I need?

  • The certification reporting period is two full calendar years, specifically one even year and one odd year. CEUs Requirements for each certification vary depending on graduation year, but are typically as follows:
    • AFC – 30 CEUs
    • AFCC – 30 CEUs
  • All certified professionals are required to earn 2 Ethics related CEUs per reporting period. If a professional holds more than one certification, they are only required to complete the higher level of CEUs to maintain their multiple certifications. Please reference the Guide to Maintaining Your Certification for additional information.

What is the deadline for my CEUs?

  • The certification reporting period is two years (ex: 2020-2022, 2022-2024). CEUs are due by June 30 of the even year.

How can I earn CEUs?

  • Programs must pertain to personal finance or financial counseling subject matter, must enhance your ability and expertise, and must meet the requirements of your certification. Note: The only required category is Ethics*. Certified professionals are required to earn 2 Ethics related CEUs per reporting period. Please reference the Guide to Maintaining Your Certification for additional information.

How often are CEUs reviewed?

  • CEUs are processed within 5 business days.

I am certified, does this mean I am also I an AFCPE member?

  • Membership and certification are separate. AFCPE membership is not required for certification, but entitles you to a number of benefits that support you in your work and your career.

I’ve paid my membership fee, so why is my certification showing that I am lapsed?

  • Remember, membership and certification fees are separate. The annual certification fee is required to maintain your certification. AFCPE membership is not required for certification, but entitles you to a number of benefits that support you in your work and your career: Membership page

What are the benefits of AFCPE Membership?

  • AFCPE® Membership is made up of a diverse network of professionals across financial education, research and practice. Membership offers important benefits to enhance your work and your career, including a strong network, cutting edge research and information and professional development. Learn more.

How do I register for the AFCPE Symposium?

  • Please visit http://www.afcpe.org/symposium. Symposium Registration opens annually in the early summer and closes the beginning of November. Onsite registration may be available.

What are the dates and locations for future symposiums?

  • AFCPE Annual Research and Training Symposium 2023  
    • November 29 – December 1, 2023 –  New Orleans, LA

How do I know if I should pay the member or non-member rate for symposium?

  • There are two ways to achieve AFCPE member status:
  1. If you paid the annual professional member dues for the current symposium year, you are entitled to the member registration price.
  2. If you attended Symposium the previous year, you automatically received a complimentary membership for the following year. For example, if you attended the AFCPE Symposium in 2022, you are a member for 2023.

Am I a member of AFCPE since I paid my certification annual fee?

  • Membership and certification are separate. Membership dues are paid annually.
  • If you have successfully completed the certification program, you will pay an annual fee to maintain your designation. If you would like to become a member in addition to maintaining your designation, you would need to pay both the certification annual fee and the membership dues annually.

If I am presenting at the Symposium, do I need to register for it?

  • Yes, anyone who will be attending the symposium, in any capacity, needs to register.

Do I need to book my hotel room and make my own travel arrangements?

  • Yes, all Symposium registrants are responsible for their travel and hotel arrangements.

How do I access this year’s proceedings?

  • View AFCPE Symposium Proceedings here.

I can’t attend this year’s Symposium. Do you record the sessions?

  • Yes, click here to order past recordings of our AFCPE Symposium General Sessions or Breakout Sessions.

I would like to be an Exhibitor and/or Sponsor of the AFCPE Symposium. What opportunities are available to me?

I registered for the Symposium or pre-symposium programming, but can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?

How do I apply for a scholarship to attend Symposium?

  • Please visit the AFCPE Symposium Scholarship page to learn more about available scholarship opportunities. Scholarship applications are housed in our scholarship application portal, SurveyMonkey Apply. If you have not previously applied for an AFCPE Scholarship, you will need to create an account, as this portal is separate from your myAFCPE Dashboard.

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