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#YoungProWeek: Giving a Financial Framework to a Purpose Filled Life

Trevor Sharp, CFP®, ChFC®, AFC®, is a financial planner for DMBA, an employer sponsored financial planning firm.  Their firm helps employees with everything from basic money management to comprehensive financial planning. AFCPE: What inspired or led you to pursue a career in this field? Trevor: When I was a freshman...

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#YoungProWeek: The Power of Blending Counseling and Coaching

Dominique Reese, AFC®, FFC® is a financial coach serving LA County and beyond. She helps her clients with anything that impacts their money, and if she is unable to help – she’ll work with them to secure the right resource or professional, so they can achieve their financial goals. AFCPE:...

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#YoungProWeek: An Advocate for Financial Literacy & Independence

Julie Tran, AFC® strives to help her community toward financial stability and financial independence through empowering individuals – helping them to recognize the skills they already possess and grow their confidence to manage their own personal finances. Julie: I want to be a strong advocate to impact the system and...

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#YoungProWeek: Serving the Underserved

Joshua Van Every, AFC® candidate is a financial counselor at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin. He oversees a program that allows him to work alongside and assist clients in equipping them with the tools imperative to achieve financial peace. AFCPE: What inspired or led you to pursue a career...

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#YoungProWeek: Financial Coaching with an Equity Lens

Nadav David, AFC® works as a financial coach supporting families living in subsidized housing programs to build assets, further personal finance knowledge, and reach their financial goals and dreams. Nadav: My work focuses on racial and economic equity through providing coaching that centers dignity within a system that often extracts...

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#YoungProWeek: Helping Young Pros Build Money Skills for Life

Theresa Stevens, AFC® is a financial coach for recent college grads and young professionals who want to start adulthood off on the right financial track and build money skills for life. Theresa: When I say "for life," I mean helping them not just to get through a crisis or specific...

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