Strategic Impact Fund Certification and Group Capacity Building Scholarships

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Individual AFC® Scholarships

Application Period: October 1 – 31, 2024

Group Capacity Building Scholarships

Application Period: June 15 – July 15, 2024

Scholarship FAQs

What you need to know about AFCPE® Scholarships:

  1. When will AFC scholarship applications open?   Group or Organization Scholarships: June 2024. Individual AFC Scholarships: October 2024.
  2. When will the scholarships be awarded? Group or Organization Scholarships: July 2024. Individual AFC Scholarships: December 2024.
  3. Who is eligible to apply for AFC individual scholarships? AFC Scholarships are available to those passionate about helping people with their money so they can improve their lives, as well as individuals currently serving an underserved community with financial education and counseling. Financial hardship is a consideration during the award process.
  4. What Groups or Organizations are eligible to apply for scholarships?
    Group or organization scholarships are available for groups providing financial counseling or education to underserved communities. Eligible groups should have 10 or more staff members. The first round of scholarships available for groups in June 2024 are Money Management Essentials Scholarships. Upon completion of Money Management Essentials courses, selected organizations will be eligible to apply for AFC Certification Scholarships in the Fall of 2024.
  5. What is included in the AFC scholarships?
    Individual AFC Scholarships:
    o Self-paced study materials -the AFC Online Study Guide, three textbooks, and webinar review sessions.
    o One exam attempt.
    o Recipients are also required to attend an orientation and virtual quarterly meetings.
    Group or Organization Scholarships:
    o Access to Money Management Essentials courses. Completing MME courses enables a group to be eligible to apply for AFC Certification scholarships in the Fall of 2024.

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