Join an AFCPE Task Force!

AFCPE® membership provides you with a platform to help advance the field and create lasting impact. There are more than a dozen task forces with opportunities for leadership and involvement. 

Why join a Task Force? 

  • Because your voice matters! 
  • To develop your communication and leadership skills. 
  • To expand your network. 
  • Not to mention, it’s a great stepping stone if you one day aspire to sit on the AFCPE Board of Directors.

Please consider sharing you skills and expertise by volunteering for a Task Force.

About AFCPE Task Forces

Task forces exist to carry out the activities of the Association and are vital to its continued existence. All current AFCPE Members are encouraged to become active in task forces, and a prerequisite to serving on a task force is being a current AFCPE Member. Task forces may be created or eliminated at the President’s discretion with approval of the Board of Directors. 


Chaired by Board Treasurer to oversee organization’s financial reports, annual budget process, reserve fund policy and audit.


Oversee development and implementation of sound investment policy, reserve fund policy.


Oversee AFCPE Awards, from call for nominations through review process, in conjunction with Annual Symposium.


Recommend and review conference speaker proposals, review paper submissions, coordinate with regional breakout committee.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Help to foster a community of diversity and inclusiveness within AFCPE membership, as well as develop strategies and education to better serve diverse populations.

Government Relations

Responsible for keeping AFCPE Members aware of governmental issues that affect our profession, and coordinating efforts to raise more awareness for the work of our professionals among policymakers and influencers.

Member Services

Provide strategy and recommendations for membership resources, programs, and communications to enhance involvement and growth of our members.


Review/edit publication to meet print deadlines, seek appropriate material for inclusion, and recommend improvements.

Career Development

Help lead the charge in providing support, programming and opportunities for the future generation; advise and develop career pathway information.

Research to Practice​ (Bridging the Gap)

Working collectively to raise awareness for AFCPE research and to build bridges between researchers and practitioners to positively impact the work in our field.


Oversee student-centered symposium programs (scholarship, knowledge bowl, etc.); support development/expansion of the AFCPE Approved Education Programs and student membership.





Contact the AFCPE Member Services Team

Rachael DeLeon, Director
Zulairam Ruiz-Agosto, Coordinator

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