A professional development course that covers all aspects of college finance, including choosing the right school, the tax benefits of higher education, applying for and paying back student loans, and preparing for a career.

The approximately 10-hour online course covers:

  • Benefits and cost of college attendance
  • Financial aid
  • Personal finance topics students need to understand
  • Additional college considerations and keeping the cost of college low
  • Student loan repayment
  • Student loan cancellation, discharge and forgiveness
  • Tax benefits for education

Who Should Take College Finance Essentials?

  • Finance professionals
  • Guidance counselors
  • Parents
  • Anyone working with college-bound individuals

College Finance Essentials also includes a free one-year license to Edmit Plus (a $99 value)!

About Edmit

Edmit’s award-winning digital tools allow you to create personalized reports for families with college-bound students – providing them with information on how to afford college, including cost estimates, and financial fit scores based on projected ability to repay student debt. College Finance Essentials includes a free, one-year license to Edmit Plus.

Learn more about Edmit.

College Finance Essentials

Program Cost: $349*

*Special pricing available for groups of 10 or more.

** AFCPE Members save 10%. Become an AFCPE Member. Learn More.

Course is pre-approved for 5 CEUs for AFCPE Certified Professionals.

AFCPE®‘s Refund Policy


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