These programs cover a diverse range of subjects related to financial counseling, coaching, planning and education to fit your specific area of expertise.

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Events for February 2023

January 2023

January 11

Client Communication & Counseling Texas Tech University School of Financial Planning Using self-discovery, this course will explore and apply theory, counseling fundamentals, and communication techniques for effective interactive client communication in financial planning and counseling. Addresses personal relationships with money, including emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.

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February 2023

The book and research by Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational explains the hidden forces that drive how we make decisions. While these decisions are often far less rational than we think, once we know more about them they can help us stay on top of our finances, interact better with others…

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This webinar will discuss the rights consumers have that enable them to effectively monitor, manage, and improve their financial well-being. Through CFPB’s Financial Education Exchange (FinEx), the CFPB offers free publications, tools, and resources to help you work with people in your community who need help understanding their rights and…

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How can you lower student loan payments? Which forgiveness plan is right for your clients? Join us as Tricia Kollath, a Certified Student Loan Professional and CFP®️, presents several of the new changes to Federal student loans in 2023. This will also cover the new Income-Driven repayment plan coming out…

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February 21 @ 11:00 am

2023 Tax Updates: What Service Providers Need to Know Learn about the recent tax changes that are likely to impact military finances. Due to many of the expanded benefits of 2021 expiring, the 2022 tax laws look more like 2020 tax rules. For example, a family that received a refund…

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Although we say money is the major cause of conflict within a relationship, that’s not true. Money, itself, is a neutral commodity. Conflicts are driven by the associations each person has with money. If they are unaware of their own and their partner’s motivations and needs related to money, they…

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