Episode 88:

Facets of Consumer Protection with John McNamara, CFPB

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Today’s guest is John McNamara, Principal Assistant Director of Consumer Credit, Payments, and Deposits Markets at the CFPB. In this episode, John shares his professional journey from debt collection to his current role at the CFPB. He talks to us about the latest research from the Bureau, and gives us some of his favorite CFPB resources – designed to support you and your clients.  

We’re excited to have John join us on the main stage later this year. To hear more, we hope you’ll join us in NOLA or virtually →

Show Notes:

1:41 Into John’s personal and professional journey
9:08 Recent findings from CFPB
14:25 CFPB and FTC collaborations
16:33 Resources for financial counselors and consumers
17:42 John’s final 2 cents

Show Note Links:
Ask CFPB questions
Direct contact information with CFPB

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