I never knew that learning how to live well on little and living within my means would truly make or break me in life.  I learned the “envelope system” from my sweet grandparents growing up. My parents worked long hours and my grandparents taught me about life. I learned to get what I needed and what I WANTED could wait until I had saved up for it. I learned to pay my bills first and then share what I had left over with those who didn’t have anything. Later in life, these simple principals would keep me from losing it all. 

I went through a divorce and walked away with only my car. I was a military spouse and had a hard time finding a career that would cover my needs, let alone my wants. This is where becoming a Financial Counselor came into play.  A former employer had faith in me and hired me without my AFC® certification and then helped me get it. This small act turned my life around from being a DEPENDENT to being INDEPENDENT. I found that my passion is helping others see beyond the next payday. I love what my life has become and some of the amazing opportunities I have had because of the AFCPE. Life is good… and under budget! 

Now, my new husband sees what great things come from being a member of the AFCPE and is studying for his AFC® exam, so we can travel the world together and educate our Military!

~ Vanessa McNelley, AFC®, FFC® candidate

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April 02, 2019

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