Many of you may already know that I have a passion for youth financial literacy. I was involved in the development of the two personal finance-related 4-H curricula—Financial Champions (member of design team) and Consumer Savvy (co-coordinator of the design team). I am also coordinating eXtension’s Financial Security for All Youth Financial Literacy WebTeam. Because of this interest in youth and money, I want to pose a couple of questions to you: What do you think children should know about personal finance? At what age should they start to grasp specific personal finance concepts? I have listed some age ranges for us to consider. Please be specific in your responses to the questions. I will compile the suggestions and distribute them to everyone through this blog or via The Standard. 
Age Ranges:

Under 4 
4 – 6 
7 – 9 
10 – 14 
15 – 19 
20 – 24

Dr. Rebecca J. Travnichek, AFC 
University of Missouri Extension 
Family Financial Education Specialist

June 01, 2009

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