Nadav David, AFC® works as a financial coach supporting families living in subsidized housing programs to build assets, further personal finance knowledge, and reach their financial goals and dreams.

Nadav: My work focuses on racial and economic equity through providing coaching that centers dignity within a system that often extracts from and excludes Black, Brown and low-income communities from receiving high-quality services and opportunities to build wealth.

AFCPE: What inspired or led you to pursue a career in this field?

Nadav: As an undergraduate student studying social enterprise and finance, I was offered the opportunity to co-lead a new financial education center for peers, which was a meaningful experience and a driving force for entering this field. Also, as I learned more about the factors contributing to the enormous racial wealth gap in the US, and in reflecting on my family’s own experience in the US and abroad with respect to race and class, I was driven to pursue financial coaching with an equity lens.

AFCPE: What has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had in your career so far?

Nadav: The long-term relationships I’ve built with my clients have been incredibly rewarding. It’s been especially powerful when I’ve felt or experienced a client’s new sense of personal and financial confidence through our work together. Also, I’ve been involved in starting a Client Advisory Board at our organization and it’s been rewarding to engage with participants in a new and exciting way that brings their feedback and experiences to the forefront.

AFCPE: What is one myth/misconception about your job?

Nadav: Sometimes when I tell people about my work, they imagine that it’s only about financial content and financial goals. From my experience, so much of what influences people building confidence and reaching their goals is being a thought partner and supportive presence, using attentive listening and leaning into relationships to work through personal challenges and barriers.

AFCPE: Why did you decide to pursue the AFC® designation?

Nadav: I was excited to pursue the AFC because of my interest in furthering my content knowledge along with building more coaching tools and strategies and connecting with other coaches and counselors in the field.

AFCPE: What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned or gained through the AFC® program?

Nadav: During the exam preparation process, I really valued the breadth of content learning, especially about retirement and insurance, along with the practical coaching techniques to deepen relationships with clients, some as specific and technical as seating arrangements during a client appointment.

AFCPE: What would you say to another young professional thinking of pursuing this certification?

Nadav: The AFC is a great tool to develop your skills and knowledge, and provides you access to meaningful trainings and a network of coaches and counselors that will further your growth in this field.

AFCPE: What is your hope for this field?

Nadav: I hope that the financial coaching and counseling field continues to integrate an understanding of the impacts of (both historical and present) structural barriers into coaching strategies with an eye towards closing the racial wealth gap and creating more equitable work environments for practitioners.

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