Episode 62:

Being Change Agents and the Current State of Student Loans with Keynote Speaker Ryan Law, CFP®, AFC®

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This week on Real Money, Real Experts, we’re back with Ryan Law, CFP®, AFC®,  a recognized expert in client communication, student loans, financial counseling, and behavior change. He recently served as President of AFCPE, and in 2021 Ryan received the AFCPE Distinguished Fellow Award!

In this episode, Ryan takes us through the current state of federal student loans and what to anticipate in the coming months given the recent updates. He also shares a sneak peek of what to expect for his keynote presentation this November and provides practical advice for being change agents in our own lives. Tune in to Ryan’s episode for great insights, and secure your ticket to symposium today to catch his full presentation at #AFCPE2022!

Show Notes:
1:40 Sneak peek of Ryan’s symposium keynote presentation
9:19 What to know right now for student loans
13:09 When might payments restart?
14:06 What about direct or FFEL loans?
15:06 Why Ryan chose to pursue his AFC®
17:19 His first symposium experience
18:04 What he most looks forward to at #AFCPE2022
19:42 Ryan’s final 2 cents

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