Study Break! A group of professionals, all studying for the AFC® exam, take a break to share their “Why.” Learn what inspired six women from United Way California Capital Region to pursue the AFC certification and become financial counselors and coaches. 

Renee: “My why is because I want young children to learn this [information] before they become adults.”

Sophia: “I want to be someone who can be called upon to help others when it comes to financial literacy and I want to make sure that I’m available, capable and able to deliver the appropriate information to someone who needs it and wants it in order to improve themselves.”

Phyllis: “Initially I thought my why was to increase my skill set and knowledge and really hone my expertise, but after going through this process I have realized [I have a lot to learn]. I think that it is important to create a way for people to have financial literacy. I really want to be a resource for people because I believe that if you know better you can do better.”

Chandra: “In studying for the AFC exam, I’ve come to realize something – what we’re studying is actually applicable to our clients. I am also a real estate agent and I quickly realized after closing a few deals that almost everything I learned in the RE books isn’t applicable on the streets. But in this case, it absolutely is! I’ve been providing counseling and coaching services for many years and as I read through the education provided for this test – it absolutely applies…. ALL of it!  It’s very refreshing to know that this content isn’t just for the test, it’s very much for our clients!”

Diana: “I am doing this because I am very passionate about financial coaching and I want to help others achieve financial stability.” 

Grisel: “My why is to get the appropriate skills so I can educate members in our community [and help them] become financially stable. 

Saundra: “My why is you. I am so proud of you for working so hard to set and hold the standard of the AFC so we can bring a higher level and higher quality of financial education to the clients we serve. Now go out there and let’s get it done.”

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April 24, 2017

#MyWhy Series

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