Episode 65:

Working Towards a More Inclusive, Equitable Market with Keynote Speakers Ritta McLaughlin & Olivia Valdes

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This week, we’re speaking with joint #AFCPE2022 keynote speakers from the FINRA foundation: Ritta McLaughlin,  the Director of Investor Education Community Outreach & Olivia Valdes, a Senior Research Analyst. In this episode, we dive into trends across multiple areas of the market such as the idea of intergenerational wealth and its contribution to massive wealth gaps, and the importance of truly understanding the nuances of the populations we study.

Tune in for more impactful, data-driven takeaways from the FINRA National Financial Capability study and listen to the full presentation at #AFCPE2022–register to attend virtually today!

Show Notes:
2:20 Into the FINRA National Financial Capability Study
14:53 Market participation across race and ethnicity
18:16 Gender investing trends
19:53 How can we impact this challenge and become a more inclusive market?
31:18 Fun facts!
34:56 Ritta and Olivia’s final 2 cents

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