Episode 82:

Helping Women Navigate Divorce with Rhonda Noordyk

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Rhonda Noordyk, founded The Women’s Financial Wellness Center in 2014.  Her mission is to help reduce financial vulnerability for women going through divorce. 

In this episode, Rhonda talks to us about the challenges women face when going through divorce, the financial considerations, and the importance of having a support team to provide legal, financial, and emotional support.

As an advocate for women, Rhonda believes that knowledge plus experience equals confidence, and she understands the value of trauma-informed care. This episode provides great insights and resources to help you or your clients navigate divorce.

Show Notes:
2:06 Rhonda’s journey into the divorce space
4:29 Building her own business
10:50 Her experience with divorce and founding the women’s center
14:50 The big challenges for women
20:19 Lack of confidence around finances
27:49 Best methods for women when they’re going through a divorce
37:57 Rhonda’s final 2 cents

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