Episode 59:

Empathy and the Art of Listening with Dr. Michael G. Thomas, Jr.

This week on Real Money, Real Experts we catch up with Dr. Michael G. Thomas, Jr., AFC®.  Michael is a lecturer at the University of Georgia, the founder of Modom Financial Solutions, a co-founder of the Financial Behavior Keynote Group, and a member of the AFCPE Board of Directors. Dr. Thomas’ life-long goal is to help underserved communities establish, grow, and sustain their wealth utilizing an intra and inter-family wealth creation process.

Michael is a gifted speaker, a natural educator, and a thought leader on the importance of keeping empathy, listening, and compassion at the heart of financial counseling and planning. In this episode, Michael shares how stepping into the role of learner – and really listening to our clients – can make all the difference in helping someone move forward in their financial journey.

You’ll also get a sneak peek of his new book, Black Financial Culture: Building Wealth from the Inside Out, available this year. The book is designed to empower people to take bold action, to become lifelong learners, and to understand that they have the capacity to own their financial experience.

Show Notes:
1:47 What’s new with Michael
6:18 Financial empathy during COVID-19
8:13 Why empathy is critical when working in financial services
15:14 How to set the tone for your clients by building trust in your community
23:21 What we get wrong about listening
27:37 Michael shares about his upcoming book, Black Financial Culture: Building Wealth from the Inside Out
33:03 How Michael found the AFC and AFCPE
40:07 Michael shares his 2 cents

Show Note Links:

Michael’s coaching company: https://www.modomsolutions.com/

Book Michael for an event: https://keynote.financial/michael-g-thomas-jr/

Follow & Connect with Michael at: 

2 responses to “Real Money, Real Experts: Dr. Michael G. Thomas, Jr., AFC®”

  1. “Listening is Love.” Yes! Thank you for this explanation. Wonderful, thought-provoking conversation about the role of a financial counselor making the art of listening a centerpiece of the relationship with a client.

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