Episode 79:

Listening for Readiness with Dr. Erika Rasure

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“The greatest gift we can give our clients is providing that space where they can find the presence of the feeling that they are not alone.” 

Today’s guest, Dr. Erika Rasure, is a financial therapist and deep transformational coach; the Chair of the Research Board for the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute; and a Client Financial Therapist for Beyond Finance.

In this episode, we discuss the biases that exist within the industry; how money stories and very human decisions are too often surrounded by embarrassment or shame; and the importance of helping people move through financial trauma.

Show Notes:
3:07 Erika’s journey into personal finance
5:17 Being a deep transformational coach
7:19 Political science to therapy
8:50 Working with Beyond Finance
12:00 A story that has resonated with Erika
15:32 Meeting people where they are
17:26 How counselors utilize therapy without becoming a therapist
21:21 Erika’s final 2 cents

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Today’s episode is sponsored by Beyond Finance, whose mission is to help individuals and families struggling with debt find a pathway to financial freedom.

Beyond Finance is currently hiring Accredited Financial Counselors to provide clients with one-on-one virtual financial counseling sessions in areas of budgeting, credit building, and creating a values-driven action plan. Positions are remote and offer flexible schedules. To learn more, visit careercenter.afcpe.org.

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