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Celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month with AFCPE!

This May, AFCPE is celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month! Beginning in May 2006, Jewish American Heritage Month has been celebrating Jewish Americans and their impact on the United States. 

4 Ways to Learn More about Jewish Americans this May

Want to get involved? Thanks to resources and insight from our staff, Members, and DEI Task Force, we’ve identified 4 ways to be a better ally to the Jewish community.

1. Gain a better understanding of the Jewish community.

How much do you know about Jewish history and culture? Ken Spiro, an author and historian, answers the question, “What is a Jew? Religion? Nation? Race? Culture?” in this three-minute video.

2. Learn about different Jewish methods for financial planning and education.

While all Jews do not navigate their finances the same, many Jewish financial systems exist, like the 5 Jars Method, a common financial education tool for Jewish children, or this financial management plan that centers the Torah.

3. Explore the role religion plays in determining financial priorities for Jews.

For many Jews living in accordance with Jewish law is the priority during financial planning. From the cost of keeping kosher to planning for traditions like Passover and other aspects of Jewish life, many Jews must account for these expenses during budgeting and planning.

Jews are not alone when making financial decisions based on their faith. In fact, it’s not uncommon for many Jews and other religious groups like Christians and Muslims to use their religious beliefs to guide their finances.

4. Dismantle antisemitic stereotypes around Jews and finance.

Antisemitism deeply impacts the health and safety of Jewish communities. Harmful stereotypes around Jews and finance are especially prevalent. My Jewish Learning explores where these dangerous stereotypes originated and how they persevere today. Being an ally to the Jewish community is critical in the fight against antisemitism. There are many ways to share your support, but the first step is showing up

Have more resources to add? Share your favorite resources and tools for working with the Jewish community in the comments below!

AFCPE knows that personal finance and our relationship with money is not one size fits all. We celebrate national heritage months with two goals in mind: (1) As a way to educate financial professionals on how different identities, cultures, and customs may affect finances or our relationship to finances. (2) To celebrate the various backgrounds of our diverse and inclusive community.

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