Beginning the journey to my AFC 
I am very particular as to where I choose to study so it is important that I first find a quiet and comfortable spot otherwise my mind will wander because the chatter around me is too loud and sometimes a word in others’ conversation will catch my attention. I also have to make sure the temperature is right because my mind will wander off again as I grow cold or hot.

For these reasons I make sure to carry ear plugs and a light jacket along with snacks to curb my appetite until I take a break to eat. When I eat, I make sure to only take the time to eat and not study while I eat otherwise my food will get cold and I lose my appetite which will come back later to bite me because I did not eat appropriately in the first place. I make sure to take a break every four to five hours before eating. Having a routine makes it easier for me to keep track of time so I do not feel as if I am wasting time because my actions are automated like when a portion (10%) of my paycheck automatically transfers to my savings account.

In order to find a spot I make sure to leave my apartment because there are too many distractions there such as the television, my bed, the refrigerator, and the impulse to clean so I venture off to the campus library.

Once I find the right spot I take out my study materials and get started…

More to come next week.

Nadia Marquez, Master of Science Student in Personal Financial Planning at Texas Tech University

April 04, 2014

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