Episode 46: Beyond Academia: Community Impact with Karen Richel, Extension Educator

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This week, we very excitedly welcome Karen Richel to the show as we continue our Career Series. Karen is a University of Idaho Extension Associate Professor and the Family Finance Extension educator for ten north Idaho counties. In her work, Karen caters to every age and socioeconomic group with one-on-one financial counseling/coaching sessions, classes, workshops, and simulations.

In the third episode of our Real Money, Real Experts career series, Karen shares how an unexpected “pause” in her life led to a more meaningful life and career. As an avid mentor, Karen offers valuable – and unique – advice, on how being an “octopus” can set you up for career success. Regardless of your career path, she is a wealth of knowledge and resources, making this an episode that’ll leave you uplifted.

Show Notes:

01:58 How Karen got to where she is now
09:37 What she would’ve loved to know before entering the field
16:12 Karen’s amazing experience being an AFCPE® Mentor
18:05 How her AFC® has impacted her work
21:16 All about working in Cooperative Extension
23:51 How to break into this career field
28:07 What type of educational background do you need?
29:22 The transition to virtual learning
32:33 Advice for aspiring mentors and mentees for AFCPE’s MentorConnect program
35:05 Karen’s final 2 Cents

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