Episode 60:

The Power of Mentorship and Capturing the Voices of Counseling with Dr. Dottie Durband, AFC®

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This week on Real Money, Real Experts, we are joined by Dorothy “Dottie” Durband,  who is known to many as the “Godmother of Financial Counseling.” Dottie is the associate dean for academics and faculty and a professor of personal financial planning in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University. She’s been an Accredited Financial Counselor for over 20 years and is an esteemed member and mentor in the AFCPE community.

In our 60th episode, Dottie shares her greatest takeaways from the field of personal finance as a whole, including great insights into how she pioneered one of the first major student financial literacy initiatives at Texas Tech titled ‘Red to Black’.  Dottie and Mary also chat about The Financial Counseling Archives Project that is currently underway, and how the most influential voices of the finance sector are getting to have their stories told. Tune in for a conversation that’ll leave you feeling inspired!

Show Notes:
2:02 How she began her career in personal finance
3:24 Consumer Credit Counseling Service
4:43 Dottie’s student financial literacy initiative @ Texas Tech
6:49 How does this program help?
8:15 How its inspired other programs
9:11 Mentorship advice
11:10 Dottie’s advice for those entering the finance space
12:27 The Financial Counseling Archives Project
16:21 What Dottie would tell someone who’s considering becoming an AFC
18:05 Advising and guiding students
22:39 Dottie’s 2 cents

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  1. Thank you for this interview. Dottie Durband’s point about the importance of sharing and the importance of remembering what has worked in the past frames the future.

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