Episode 95:

Authenticity Unleashed: Embracing Your Superpower with Amy Smith

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Join hosts Rachael Deleon and Dr. Mary Carlson in a captivating conversation with special guest Amy Smith, AFC®, Founder of My BPD, My Money, and Member Engagement Coordinator for AFCPE.

In this episode, Amy shares her journey to the AFC certification, emphasizing the transformative power of vulnerability and authenticity. Discover how embracing her true self opened doors to countless opportunities, and learn invaluable insights on leveraging personal strengths for positive impact. Tune in for a dose of motivation and wisdom that will empower you to unlock your own potential and thrive.

Show Notes:
02:06 Amy’s journey to the AFC
03:08 Diving into her military background
04:16 What led Amy to AFCPE
05:48 Utilizing SMART Goals to achieve her AFC certification
08:19 Building confidence to overcome imposter syndrome and test anxiety
09:54 The importance of building community within AFCPE
13:03 Diversity in careers within the AFCPE community
15:02 How embracing authenticity is your superpower
19:14 Amy’s final 2 cents

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