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Real Money, Real Experts is a personal finance podcast written and produced by AFCPE®. With an audience of financial professionals, we strive to educate and entertain with a combination of expert tips, engaging interviews, and real-life storytelling. 

  • Covering real stories about how professionals like you are impacting their clients.
  • Offering tips from real experts on how to improve client interactions and grow your business.


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Real Money, Real Experts: Nathan Astle

Episode 90: Building a Collaborative Practice Model with Nathan Astle Download the transcript! This week we welcome financial therapist, Nathan Astle, to the show. Nate is the founder of the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute, which is a collaborative practice that includes financial counselors, therapists, and planners working together to meet the needs of their clients.  On this episode, Nate shares

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Real Money, Real Experts: Lazetta Braxton

Episode 89: Recognizing the Value of Cultural Competency with Lazetta Braxton Download the transcript! Lazetta Braxton, MBA, CFP® is on a mission to create wealth for the common good. She believes in fighting for voices that have not been heard, and has built her career around making room for underserved and overlooked populations.  In this episode, we get to know

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Real Money, Real Experts: John McNamara

Episode 88: Facets of Consumer Protection with John McNamara, CFPB Download the transcript! Today’s guest is John McNamara, Principal Assistant Director of Consumer Credit, Payments, and Deposits Markets at the CFPB. In this episode, John shares his professional journey from debt collection to his current role at the CFPB. He talks to us about the latest research from the Bureau,

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Real Money, Real Experts: Dr. Preston Cherry

Episode 87: The Art of Storytelling and Story Listening with Dr. Preston Cherry Download the transcript! Dr. Preston Cherry, AFC®, CFP®, CFT-1 is the Founder & President of Concurrent Financial Planning, the Head of the University of Wisconsin Green Bay Financial Planning Program, and also a keynote speaker at this year’s AFCPE Symposium. Preston is passionate about the ways that

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Real Money, Real Experts: Rahkim Sabree

Episode 86: Financial Trauma with Rahkim Sabree Download the transcript! On today’s episode we talk to AFC candidate, Rahkim Sabree, a financial coach, entrepreneur, and thought leader on the topic of financial trauma. We discuss how personal background, cultural experiences, and mental health all play a role in personal finance, and how financial professionals can add a trauma-informed lens to

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Real Money, Real Experts: Penny Forward

Episode 85: Building Accessible Financial Education with Penny Forward Download the transcript! “Whether someone wants to be independent with their finances is their absolute decision…but what I don’t want that decision to be based around is the fact that someone cannot see anymore…I want to help [people] realize that there are options.” – Liz Bottner On this week’s episode, we

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