3 Ways to Provide Stronger Financial Guidance to Clients with Disabilities

Man in a wheelchair

Happy National Disability Employment Awareness Month! Every October, we are proud to celebrate the people with disabilities and their contribution to the field of personal finance!

Wondering how to acknowledge NDEAM in your work as a financial professional? We’ve got you covered. Thanks to resources from our staff, we’ve identified a few ways to increase your skills when working people with disabilities and their families.

1. Understand how to provide financial counseling and planning support for individuals and families with disabilities.

From ABLE accounts to Medicaid waivers, financial planning for people with disabilities can get complex fast. Luckily, there are a lot of resources available for working with families, working with someone with a learning disability, and for professionals in need of curriculum and resources.

2. Learn how to best accommodate different disabilities in your work.

Don’t inadvertently miss out on clients because your office space and website aren’t accessible! Making sure your business and website are accessible to people with disabilities is crucial to creating an inclusive practice. 

3. Review AFCPE resources and webinars that are geared towards working with clients with disabilities.

Last year, we compiled a list of articles, resources, and research from our staff and AFCPE Members. Check it out here! Or, dive even deeper and check our self-paced, online course, Financial Inclusion Essentials.

AFCPE knows that personal finance and our relationship with money is not one-size-fits-all. We celebrate national heritage months with two goals in mind: (1) As a way to educate financial professionals on how different identities, cultures, and customs may affect finances or our relationship to finances. (2) To celebrate the various backgrounds of our diverse and inclusive community.

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