Each November financial professionals from all over the country come together for a professional development opportunity that is unlike any other in our field. With attendees representing financial education, research and practice, the AFCPE Symposium brings together these uniquely distinct areas of our field to unite them in our common goal and provide an opportunity to learn, share and grow.

There are many reasons to attend the 2015 AFCPE Symposium this November in Jacksonville, FL, but here, in no particular order, are some of our favorites! 

#15: The Pre-Symposium:

The pre-symposium offers additional opportunities for professional development and allows unique groups of like-minded professionals to share best practices and ideas to enhance their work: Cooperative eXtension, Financial Therapy Association, Student Money Management Center. We are also thrilled to offer certification training opportunities: Financial Coach Certification Training and AFC® Onsite Review & Exam. 

#14: The keynote speakers:

AFCPE keynotes offer insights from influential leaders in our field. Incredible minds share ideas on topics that are highly relevant to our diverse and expanding field. 

#13: The networking:

The networking at the AFCPE Symposium is “second to none.” There is an energy and openness about the event that allows people to make life-long connections and share ideas that can enhance your career, support your work and positively impact the people that you serve. 

#12: The student focus:

AFCPE® strongly believes in providing career-enhancing opportunities for our students – the future leaders within our field. This year attendees will share in the innovative research and projects of our student scholarship recipients. And for the first time, 5 teams of University undergraduates will have the opportunity to test their financial savvy in the AFCPE Financial Counseling Knowledge Bowl. 

#11: The live, on-site certification training and support.

Each year we offer a special onsite review and exam for AFC® candidates. r certification candidates who 

#10: The schedule:

Great keynote speakers, informative breakout sessions offering both important research and practical applications, ample networking opportunities, community outreach, fun evening events and activities…and the list goes on. The AFCPE Symposium has something for everyone! 

#9: The town hall meeting:

Attend the AFCPE Business meeting on Thursday morning and get a firsthand look at the exciting projects and initiatives that we are working on to support YOU – our members and certified professionals! 

#8: The evening events and activities:

And you thought the daytime schedule was fun…the Symposium offers a number of evening opportunities, from networking receptions to a groundbreaking documentary to an informal meet & eat dinner on the town. 

#7: The Membership:

Your Symposium registration includes 2016 AFCPE® Membership

#6: The Community Outreach Project:

This year we are excited to partner with United Way’s Real$ense and Family Foundations of Northeast Florida to connect local members of the community with counseling and resources. It’s a great opportunity for AFC®professionals to give back to the local community we are visiting and create an outreach model that may be replicated and used in your own local communities. 

#5: The Location (Florida in November!):

Sunshine, a warm breeze and palm trees. Depending on where you call home, this reason may require no explanation. 

#4: The Resources:

The Symposium provides access to resources that support your work and enhance your career. Resources are readily exchanged and shared throughout the 3-day event – while engaging with exhibitors and sponsors in our exhibit area, during each keynote and breakout session and through the conversations had with colleagues and friends. 

#3: The research panel:

Research drives the discovery of new initiatives and informs the work that we do. The 2015 Welcome Session will feature an important, interactive discussion on building the bridge from research to practice. We’ll look at the varying perspectives of research, why it’s important and how we can work together and collaborate to move our industry forward. 

#2: The AFCPE® Awards ceremony:

A time of celebration! At the Friday Awards Luncheon, we honor the good work and innovations that are happening in the field of financial education, research and practice. 

#1: The Bridge:

Be a part of the bridge we are building. At the 2015 AFCPE Symposium, you have the opportunity to add your brick to the bridge. Share your insights, exchange ideas and find new ways to collaborate and enhance the work you are doing!

Still want more? Watch the AFCPE® Symposium video to hear what your colleagues are saying.

What are you waiting for? Early registration ends tomorrow, October 1! If you haven’t already, register for the 2015 AFCPE Symposium and share your #1 reason for attending!

September 30, 2015

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