What did our 2023 Task Forces get accomplished in 2023? Let’s take a look!

Task forces exist to carry out the activities of the Association and are vital to its continued existence. All current AFCPE Members are encouraged to become active in task forces, and a prerequisite to serving on a task force is being a current AFCPE Member. Task forces may be created or eliminated at the President’s discretion with approval of the Board of Directors.


The Awards Task Force oversees AFCPE Awards, from call for nominations through review process, in conjunction with Annual Symposium.

Chair: Mary Spruill / Staff: Zulairam Ruiz-Agosto / Board: Rita Green

In 2023, this task force:

  • Introduced a mentoring aspect to the process.
  • Top 3 applicants were reviewed by the Awards Task Force in an effort to eliminate any unintended biases.

Career Development

The Career Task Force helps lead the charge in providing support, programming and opportunities for the future generation; advises and develops career pathway information.

Chair: Meghan McInnes / Staff: Kay Robinson / Board: Ann Lentell

In 2023, this task force:

  • Hosted virtual events for Career Week
  • Planning a networking chat for Symposium on how to nail your elevator

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The DEI Task Force helps to foster a community of diversity and inclusiveness within AFCPE membership, as well as develop strategies and education to better serve diverse populations.

Chair: Catalina Laschon / Staff: Jessie Jimenez / Board: Brandy Baxter

In 2023, this task force:

  • Hosted a Professional Development Webinar
  • Developing a webinar for 2024
  • Peer review of both original and refreshed Financial Inclusion Essentials


The Finance Task Force is chaired by Board Treasurer to oversee organization’s financial reports, annual budget process, reserve fund policy and audit.

Chair: Kim Davis / Staff: Rachael DeLeon / Board: Holly Zugay

In 2023, this task force:

  • Regular review organization financials
  • Review 2024 draft budget ahead of board approval

Government Relations

The Government Relations Task Force is responsible for keeping AFCPE Members aware of governmental issues that affect our profession and coordinating efforts to raise more awareness for the work of our professionals among policymakers and influencers.

Chair: Catalina Laschon / Staff: Jessie Jimenez / Board: Brandy Baxter

In 2023, this task force:

  • Hosted a Professional Development Webinar
  • Developing a webinar for 2024
  • Peer review of both original and refreshed Financial Inclusion Essentials


The Investment Task Force oversees the development and implementation of sound investment policy, and reserve fund policy.

Chair: Dominique Reese / Staff: Sherry Wallace / Board: Holly Zugay

In 2023, this task force:

  • Review investment policy
  • Quarterly review of AFCPE investments

Member Engagement

The Member Engagement Task Force provides strategy and recommendations for membership resources, programs, and communications to enhance involvement and growth of our members.

Chair: Melissa Mittelstaedt / Staff: Amy Smith / Board: Andia Dinesen

In 2023, this task force:

  • What would you do Wednesday posts in Member Exchange
  • Launched 3 Empowerment Communities (EC)
  • Began hosting EC specific meetups led by volunteers
  • 1 new empowerment community selected for launch Q1 of 2024 (Military)


The Newsletter Task Force reviews/edits newsletter publications to meet print deadlines, seek appropriate material for inclusion, and recommend improvements.

Chair: Michelle Tindell / Staff: Brianna Then / Board: Sasha Grabenstetter

In 2023, this task force:

  • Secured topics and writers, reviewed and edited articles and identified opportunities to promote the Newsletter.
  • Introduced a “Kid’s Corner” and a “Student Spotlight“ to every newsletter


The Symposium Task Force supports the selection of general session speakers, reviews presenter submissions, selects breakout sessions, and collaborates on event ideas.

Chair: Willa Williams / Staff: Sara Martin-Fuller & Summer Red / Board: Don Fulton

In 2023, this task force:

  • Revised the invitation to present submission process, including a new rubric
  • Assisted with the breakout session review and selection process
  • Provided suggestions for keynotes
  • Helped promote the Symposium and the invitation to present


The Student Task Force oversees student-centered symposium programs, supports development/expansion of the AFCPE Registered Education Programs and student membership.

Chair: Ashley Peters / Staff: Ann Hamilton / Board: Michael Thomas

In 2023, this task force:

  • 2024 Quarterly REP Meetings
  • Improved REP presentation given to students interested in becoming an AFC
  • Student Track in NOLA, Student Scavenger Hunt (Thank you Cara Macksoud and Money Habitudes for the prizes!) and dedicated student table at breakfast for camaraderie.

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