F. S. Lhabitant

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F. S. Lhabitant

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John E. Grable

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Robert N. Mayer

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Sharon A. DeVaney

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Flora L. Williams

The issues, benefits and costs of loan consolidation are addressed based on responses from clients who participated in a financial clinic. Procedures for analysis developed in a worksheet and techniques of time value of money are applied. Loan consolidation tended to increase costs for participants. Key Words: credit, debt repayment,... Read More >

Jing J. Xiao, Y. Lakshmi Malroutu and Yoonkyung Yuh

Sources of inequality among American households with a retired elderly head were examined by decomposition of Gini coefficients. Inequality of investment and labor income contributed most to overall income inequality. Income inequality of three types of households couples with one retiree, retired couples, and retired singles were studied in terms... Read More >

Gregory A. Kuhlemeyer and Garth H. Allen

This research explores consumer satisfaction relevant to the purchase of life insurance products and compares satisfaction in a broker or agent assisted transaction with satisfaction when no broker or agent is used, direct placement. Benchmarks are identified for consumer satisfaction with the life insurance product, the agent, and the institution.... Read More >

Jinkook Lee and Jeanne M. Hogarth

Interest rate competition and risk-based pricing have created wide price dispersions in credit card interest rates. In this environment, searching for price information on credit cards is critical for many consumers, especially revolvers. Using the 1995 Survey of Consumer Finances, payoff to consumers? search was estimated. A measure of potential... Read More >

Lauren J. Leach, Celia R. Hayhoe and Pamela R. Turner

A gender analysis of factors influencing perceptions of economic well being can help financial counselors understand their clients' needs. The effects of selected perceptual and objective information variables on perceived economic well being are mediated by comparison of economic outcomes and level of financial strain. The subjects of the study... Read More >