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The AFCPE Blog is designed to provide new and insightful personal finance information for financial professionals – information that can be shared with both clients and consumers and provides new insights into education and practice.

Help Set The Highest Standard: Join our Diverse & Inclusive Community

January 16, 2018

As AFCPE membership continues to grow, so does the diversity and reach of our professionals.

On the Road to Zero, Strategy is Key

Student Loans

January 09, 2018

The road to zero – the path you’ll take to pay your federal student loans down to zero – takes strategy and planning.  To create a successful strategy, you will need to reflect on your personal, professional and financial goals as well as your current financial situation.

Are You Really Listening?

Financial Counseling

January 03, 2018

Listening to our clients is the heart and soul of our counseling sessions. What we glean from our clients’ stories and discussions will become the foundation upon which we build possible solutions and, with the help of the client, create a plan that they will implement.

Naughty or nice: Is there a financial reward for acting ethically?


December 27, 2017

Does being ethical and honest lead a person to riches? And do bad people get their comeuppance? Or is it the other way around? Put differently, are rich or poor people more likely to engage in unethical behavior?


AFCPE: Advancing the Profession and Bridging the Gap Across Professionals and Communities

December 19, 2017

As we look to the new year, it is our hope that we can continue the momentum by combining our individual passions and areas of expertise to collectively solve the challenges we are facing as a society. These are uncertain times in our country and around the world. Our field and our professionals are a vital part of the solution.

#IamAFCPE, #BridgingtheGap

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