Let AFCPE raise awareness for the work you are doing to support furloughed workers!

The federal government shutdown is now the longest in American history, leaving more than 800,000 government employees working without pay or placed on unpaid leave or furlough. The loss of a paycheck is leaving many individuals and families in a compromised financial position.

Where you come in…

As AFC® and FFC® professionals, your expertise is critical to helping affected individuals navigate this difficult time. 
Many of you, along with your organizations, have already sprung into action – offering 1:1 financial counseling, hosting workshops, and helping connect individuals to local resources.

TIME SENSITIVE: Share your efforts with us!
We are building a national resource page, divided by state and virtual opportunities, to help expand your reach and amplify your efforts. With the support of our PR team, we hope to connect more individuals and families with the work you are doing!

Email Rachael DeLeon

Thank you for the good work you are doing and for #raisingyourAFCPEvoice to ensure that those affected can develop a budget and a plan to navigate financial challenges during this uncertain time!

January 16, 2019


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