Episode 94:

Unlocking the CEO Mindset: A Conversation with Tiffany Grant

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“If you want to be a CEO, you have to start thinking like a CEO.”

In this episode, hosts Rachael Deleon and Dr. Mary Carlson are joined by special guest Tiffany Grant, AFC® and owner of Money Talk with Tiff. Tiffany, an award-winning financial literacy expert and educator, has empowered countless individuals and organizations to achieve financial success and well-being.

Join us as Tiffany reveals her personal journey to obtaining the AFC certification and how embracing the CEO mindset transformed her approach to finances and life. From insightful strategies to practical tips, this episode offers invaluable wisdom for anyone striving to elevate their thinking and achieve their goals.

Show Notes:
2:10 What led Tiffany into the world of personal finance
5:35 How she started her business
7:27 Into Tiffany’s private practice
10:43 Successful techniques in working with clients
13:56 Advice for professionals in the beginning stages
17:19 How Tiffany organizes her time
24:36 Unlocking the CEO mindset
26:49 What brought her to the AFC and her current PhD studies
31:31 Tiffany’s final 2 cents

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