Episode 86:

Financial Trauma with Rahkim Sabree

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On today’s episode we talk to AFC candidate, Rahkim Sabree, a financial coach, entrepreneur, and thought leader on the topic of financial trauma. We discuss how personal background, cultural experiences, and mental health all play a role in personal finance, and how financial professionals can add a trauma-informed lens to your work with clients. 

With the rise of one-size-fits-all, and often inaccurate, personal finance information being shared on social media, Rahkim shares how his perspective around credentialing has shifted and how he’s been able to apply what he’s learned through the AFC program. 

We also talk about lessons learned through entrepreneurship, the danger of comparison (we’re looking at you social media), and the value of community and kindness.

Show Notes:
1:29 Rahkim’s professional journey
7:16 The term financial trauma
13:01 Using your own trauma as a way to bond with clients and others
22:17 How finance professionals can use a trauma-informed lens
30:24 Battling imposter syndrome
37:59 Rahkim’s 2 cents

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