Episode 90:

Building a Collaborative Practice Model with Nathan Astle

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This week we welcome financial therapist, Nathan Astle, to the show. Nate is the founder of the Financial Therapy Clinical Institute, which is a collaborative practice that includes financial counselors, therapists, and planners working together to meet the needs of their clients. 

On this episode, Nate shares what inspired this unique practice model, the roles that each practitioner plays in the practice, the fee structure they’ve adopted to ensure the practice is profitable but also affordable to clients, and how they are using research to measure emotional, financial, and relational change.

Nate is a humble trailblazer with a heart for helping people. His practice is unique, but his hope is that more financial professionals will follow. Trust us, it’s an episode you don’t want to miss.

Show Notes:
1:14 How Nathan got involved in financial therapy… by accident!
3:02 His biggest influences
4:18 Mental health and finances
10:51 Client testimony around financial anxiety
15:01 How Nathan got started on the business side
19:59 Nathan’s final 2 cents

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