Episode 56:

Meeting People Where They Are with Dr. Kate Mielitz, AFC®

This week we are joined by Dr. Kate Mielitz, AFC®. Kate joined the AFCPE staff in 2022 as the Special Programs Director, but has been an AFC and a passionate member of the AFCPE community for many years. In this episode, Kate gives our listeners a candid look at how she got to where she is today – we love seeing how all the disparate pieces come together to create change and impact.

We talk about the importance of offering personal financial planning students the opportunity to earn the AFC, and the value of financial counseling within the personal finance space. Kate addresses the shame that oftentimes exists for people around personal finance, and reminds us of how important it is to share our stories and normalize our mistakes. As an educator, Kate is passionate about meeting people where they are, putting the person first, and teaching them to use money as a tool.

Show Notes
3:09 Kate shares her story
7:57 Kate’s transition from Academia to her current role at AFCPE
9:46 Registered Education Programs and why personal finance education is critical for college students
17:21 Kate’s work with incarcerated populations
20:45 The value of AFCPE Membership
24:49 Why everyone should attend the AFCPE Symposium
27:35 Kate’s Final Two Cents

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