Episode 75:

Bringing the Arts to Financial Education with Julie Beckham, AFC®

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Today’s guest believes that personal finance is a topic to sing and dance about! Julie Beckham, AFC® has taken her passion and turned it into a career, marrying her love for the arts with financial education. Her musical, Ms. Money and the Coins, has been shared with more than 80,000 elementary-age students in Massachusetts and is now available nationwide as an online learning platform – in both English and Spanish. 

In addition to all things K-12 financial education, we also discuss the amazing opportunity that banks have to help bridge financial education from youth to adulthood; and the value of having more AFC professionals working in banks and community-based organizations.

Show Notes:

1:57 How she paired her love for finance and arts into a successful career
4:27 More about her upcoming musical
5:50 How others who are interested in putting this on can access it
6:39 Advice for other aspiring podcast creators
8:28 Julie’s current financial education efforts in the banking space
10:55 How more banks can invest in an AFC education for their employees
14:21 More into how Julie values the AFC
15:47 Advice towards others trying to bridge gaps in financial education and literacy
18:55 Julie’s final 2 cents

Show Note Links:

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Connect with Julie on LinkedIn

Ms. Money’s Classroom

No Shame in this Money Game’s Mini Money Minutes

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