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Listening & Staying Informed with Heath Carelock, AFC®


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Today we kick off our mid-season series focused on the 30th Anniversary of the AFC. In this episode, we had the honor to sit down with Heath Carelock, AFC®. Heath is the Program Director for the Financial Empowerment Center at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland. He was also one of the first AFCs to volunteer for our pro bono counseling initiative at the height of the pandemic and remains active in the program today.

This episode covers the gamut, offering great insights on reframing our services to better meet our clients’ needs, valuable ways to improve our own work as financial professionals (hint: it goes beyond financial knowledge), and the importance of aspiring to a belief system. We also talk about the power of words (in relation to someone seeking help) – and how important it is to understand your clients and how they think about money.

Following the recording of this episode, we learned that Heath was named the “2022 Community Champion” at the Maryland Financial Education and Capability Awards Program. Heath’s impact is far-reaching, and his insights are great, making this an episode you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes:

2:10 Heath’s background and what led him to his work today
6:12 What inspired Heath to pursue the AFC® designation
10:43 Heath’s experience with the Pro Bono Counseling Initiative
13:23 Trends and different scenarios Heath has been picking up on
17:00 Has there been a rise in clients over the last few years?
23:01 How Heath connects with the community
29:00 Heath’s final 2 cents

Show Note Links:
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Cash Campaign of Maryland
Financial Empowerment Center at Prince George’s Community College

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