Episode 76:

Technology, Authenticity, and Behavioral Finance with Daniel Crosby

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This week on “Real Money, Real Experts,” Rachael and Mary sit down with psychologist and behavioral finance expert Daniel Crosby. This conversation was a fun one, covering everything from epic failures to Chat GPT to the power of authenticity – which starts with doing the hard internal work on ourselves.

Daniel reminds us that technology is our friend, shares some great book and podcast recommendations, and offers words of wisdom from his father that we can all benefit from remembering.

Show Notes:

1:25 Daniel’s journey into this field
3:45 How the transition into this space worked
7:54 One failure Daniel has experienced
10:11 One success Daniel has experienced
11:35 His journey as an author
15:33 Advice for building engagement with clients
17:39 How technology may affect or drive financial services in the future
21:32 Top books Daniel recommends
23:03 Daniel’s final 2 cents
24:27 How listeners can connect with him

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