Episode 93:

What’s Next With Money with Brent Neiser, CFP®, AFC®

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Brent Neiser has an incredible range of work and impact in the personal finance space. Every time we connect, we learn something new! Brent started his journey as a financial planner, but his heart for service led him to a rich career in financial education.

On this episode, we learn how the AFCPE community has impacted his career, why he believes in the value of the AFC, and why he calls himself “Mr. Horizontal” – hint: it has to do with his curiosity and passion for a breadth of knowledge.

Brent talks about his appointment as the Chair of the CFPB Advisory Board – a role in which he served three terms, including during the 2020 pandemic. And we learn all about his latest venture, “What’s Next With Money” a free resource that he’s excited to share with AFCPE Members.

Show Notes:

2:40 Brent’s journey to personal finance
8:30 Crossing paths with AFCPE
14:00 His time as Chair with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Board
18:05 What’s next with money?
23:14 Brent’s final 2 cents

Show Note Links:

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/WhatsNextwithMoney 

Website: https://whatsnextwithmoney.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentneiser/ 

Twitter: @BrentNeiser

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