Episode 43: Kicking off 2022: Ask Us Anything

In our first episode of 2022, co-hosts Mary Bell Carlson and Rachael DeLeon give listeners a sneak peek into what’s ahead on the 2022 season of Real Money, Real Experts. We also answer all your pressing questions about the podcast, the organization, and so much more. Whether you’re already a part of the AFCPE community, or are thinking about pursuing the AFC certification, taking an Essentials course, or becoming an AFCPE Member, this episode is for you!

If you’re doing interesting work in the field and would like to share your stories and expertise, apply to be a guest on Real Money, Real Experts! Fill out the podcast guest application and an AFCPE staff member will contact you if you are selected.

Show Notes:

00:23 Introduction
01:18 Welcome to Season 3
06:36 What’s new with Dr. Mary Bell Carlson
08:17 How to Apply to be a Guest on Real Money, Real Experts
11:57 AFCPE®s Career Center Page
14:54 The Difference Between Certification & Membership
18:51 Mary’s Journey into the Field of Finance
20:00 Ways to get your AFC®
25:25 Tips for AFC® Candidates
29:04 What Makes the AFC® Unique?
37:53 AFCPE®’s Essentials Courses

Show Note Links:
AFCPE Career and Resource Center
Become a Guest on Real Money, Real Experts
FINRAs List of Accredited Designations
AFCPEs Certification Programs

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