Many Americans are not financially prepared because they have not been provided all of the tools needed for success. 

My “why” is so simple and yet complex. As the granddaughter of an immigrant, I am thankful that my grandfather took interest in learning the ins and outs of the American financial system. As a child, I did not understand all of the struggles he went through. As a teen, I not only understood but felt proud and astounded by the amount of work he put in to get to where he was. I was very close to my Grammy and Nagypapa (Hungarian for Grandpa), and I was able to see him have enough financial success to retire early and humbly enjoy his later years.

On the opposite side, I saw my dad pass away unexpectedly having worked up until the day he went to heaven. My dad worked a very physically demanding job helping others. Having seen both sides of the spectrum, I want to be a part of the solution. I want to be a guide to help others reach their dreams.

I have earned both my AFC® and FFC™ designations and now work hard to help veterans, service members, and the underserved populations in the St Louis region gain the tools needed to be financially prepared. I now walk with others as they overcome the payday lending trap, learn to create workable budgets for the first time, and achieve the American dream of home buying. I not only believe that this work helps individuals, but I believe it is leading to a more financial stable St. Louis, one person at a time.


Meghan Gardner, AFC®, FFC™

April 06, 2017

#MyWhy Series

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