I am currently an Active Duty U.S. Coast Guard and I make twenty years of service this month! I have truly enjoyed my time in the USCG but my true passion is my side hustle! I have a great passion for finance and truly enjoy seeing people change their relationships with money!

I have been leading people from all walks of life (including military and civilian) toward achieving financial independence. As a family man, I understand the responsibilities and pressures that can bring. My wife and I have walked in most people’s shoes – living paycheck to paycheck and feeling like you can’t ever get ahead. We were able to pay off $52,000 dollars of debt in two years and have been living debt free since 2015!

I help people understand their behavior with money and show them how to win with money! Income is just a number. A lot of people truly don’t know how to control their money.

~Joseph Driscoll

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