Episode 69:

Helping People Thrive: Employee Financial Wellness with Meghan Lape, AFC®

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This week on Real Money, Real Experts, our hosts sit down with Meghan Lape, AFC®, CFP®, EA®, the founder of Conscious Impact Financial Planning, a financial wellness and socially responsible investment firm.

Meghan recognizes that all too often, the people who need financial services the most also cannot afford them. Her solution? Engaging with employers to better meet people where they are. As an AFC, Meghan is a fierce advocate for financial wellness programs in the workplace, and believes in a people-first approach.

On this episode, she takes us through her business model, shares how’s she’s building a network within her local community, and offers honest words of advice and encouragement for other entrepreneurs.

Show Notes:
2:22 What led Meghan to financial counseling
5:15 Inside Meghan’s business model
6:36 How she serves her clients
7:25 The setup of her business
8:53 Advice for approaching employers without a financial wellness program
10:57 How to best network with businesses
13:26 Advice for other counselors interested in this work
15:35 Meghan’s final 2 cents

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