As AFCPE membership continues to grow, so does the diversity and reach of our professionals. To ensure that the AFCPE Board of Directors is representative of the larger membership community, this Fall the Board voted to expand the current board constituencies. The new structure will better reflect and represent our current membership and be flexible enough to continue growing and attracting new markets.

New Structure

  • Military or Government: ex. military PFM, military contractor, government agency
  • Education: ex. researcher, university professor, university cooperative extension, K-12 educator, financial aid, community college educator, university counseling center
  • Practitioner: ex. financial counselor, financial coach, financial planner
  • Financial Industry: ex. banking, credit union, insurance, CPA/tax, nonprofit/CBO
  • Service: ex. social work, MFT, EAP, healthcare, attorney, HR, clergy, nonprofit/CBO
  • At-Large: ex. fundraising/development, marketing/PR, partnership development, government relations, technology, research

Note: At-Large will be held for strategic skills/expertise that the organization may need to enhance our strategic planning capability.

Whether you are new to AFCPE membership, have been a member for many years, or are just discovering our organization, we encourage you to become more involved.

s evident by the expanded structure of our board, AFCPE membership is as diverse and inclusive as the people that we serve. It’s a community that is united by a common goal and vision – to ensure that all people – regardless of income or background – have the access and opportunity to achieve lasting financial well-being through the highest standards of financial counseling, coaching, and education.

You do not need to be certified by AFCPE to be a member. Membership certainly compliments AFCPE certification, but it provides incredible benefits to support you no matter your role in the field.

Already a member? Make this the year you become more involved! Join a task force, lead a virtual member meet up, lend your expertise through a professional development training, or simply help share who we are and what we do with your personal and professional networks.

Together we have the potential to create incredible impact in the lives of the individuals and families that we serve. Help us continue our momentum. Expand your knowledge. Exchange ideas. Learn from a community of your peers. Create access for more people – all people – to have the opportunity to achieve lasting financial well-being.

January 16, 2018

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