My Work & My Passion: Helping people get a handle on their finances so that they can sleep better at night.

My Hero: My Mom. She taught frugality as a high virtue – that to live within a moderate income isn’t a sad thing, but an accomplishment to be proud of.

My Favorite Quote: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today.”

My Favorite Personal Finance Tool/Resource: Any form of super-clear plan

My Advice To someone Beginning the Journey of Financial Education/Wellness: Remember that whatever feeling you are having is fine. Money is an emotional topic, and if we try to avoid those feelings, we can accidentally wind up avoiding our finances. So take the first step to get started, and let the feelings be whatever they are.  And, of course…get support if you need it!

My Way of “Meeting People Where They Are”: I always begin (and follow up with!) listening. People come in with very specific questions and goals, and I work to help them address those.   

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May 02, 201

Linda Matthew, AFC®
Owner, MoneyMindful Personal Finance Coaching

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