My Work: I work with the W!SE Program (Working in Support of Education) teaching financial literacy to victims of domestic violence who are transitioning into a productive and empowered life. I’m also starting a financial coaching business. 

My Roots: My parents were both born in Puerto Rico, I was born in the Bronx. Seeing how my parents struggled financially at a certain point when I was growing up made me focus more deeply on my finances. I realized when I was growing up how important it is to understand personal financial topics and how to best manage my money. It’s incredibly important to be financially literate. It gives you peace of mind and make you feel empowered and strong. 

My Passion: I love teaching the working class about financial topics and giving them guidance and the tools they need to help them make better financial decisions. 

My Hero: I try to learn the best qualities from many people. I would say my heros are my parents because they have always supported me and instilled in me the need to become educated and strive for good things in life and to be a genuinely good person. My husband has also always supported my career dreams and my son pushes me to be the best mom I could be, he is my light, my angel.

My Favorite Quote: I love quotes! It’s hard to choose one. Here’s one of many:  

“We May Encounter Many Defeats But We Must Not Be Defeated.”- Maya Angelou

My Favorite Personal Finance Tool/Resource: The Nolo and Ric Edelman books are great tools to learn about various financial topics and the laws involved.

My Advice To Someone Beginning the Journey of Financial Education/Wellness: Follow what your gut and your heart tells you. If something feels right, it is. If something feels wrong, most likely it’s not well suited for you. This doesn’t mean you are not smart enough or lack experience it just means it’s not the right fit for YOU. 

My Way of “Meeting People Where They Are”: I ask about their background, their life, what they are passionate about and what makes them happy. 

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My question for colleagues/peers: When did you know this career path was right for you? How did you know?

April 19, 2018

Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro, AFC® candidate, AFCPE® member
Self Employed Financial Coach / Teacher / Writer

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