September is National Preparedness Month, which recognizes the importance of community preparation and planning for disasters and emergencies. All disasters – from wildfires to hurricanes – come with their own unique set of challenges to consider during preparation; however, regardless of the type of disaster your community may face, one of the most crucial aspects of preparedness is your finances.

Having ample savings and insurance coverage can make disaster recovery much easier, which is why in recognition of National Preparedness Month, the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education® (AFCPE®) and FEMA are partnering to provide education and professional support specifically geared towards financial preparedness.

Access Resources

Taking the time to prepare now can bring peace of mind to the communities that you serve. To learn more about how to support your clients in planning financially for a disaster or emergency, visit and

Find a Qualified Professional

Partnering with an AFCPE® certified professional is an invaluable way for individuals and families to ensure they are on track to financial security, whether they are preparing for a disaster or working to rebuild in its aftermath. AFCPE certified professionals serve to bolster our communities’ financial resiliency through counseling, coaching, and education. They are uniquely trained to provide support that meets clients where they are, regardless of income level or background. To find an AFCPE certified professional in your area, click here.

Learn More & Get Involved

Beginning in early 2020, FEMA and AFCPE plan to partner on communication and resources that will focus on helping financial professionals incorporate flood insurance into their financial counseling, planning, and education conversations with clients, providing them with actionable advice to use with their clients.

Flood insurance provides a financial safety net to individuals and clients and is an integral component of disaster preparation in areas affected by heavy rain. Armed with additional knowledge about the value of flood insurance, financial professionals will be able to direct their clients confidently should they need further protection.

Because each community faces different disasters, it’s important to get involved in your community’s preparedness plan to determine the best ways to help. Those interested in participating in their community’s preparedness strategy should visit to learn more about the ways you can get involved. Together we can strengthen our nation’s financial readiness and mitigate harm caused by natural disasters.

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