Advantage PublicationsWelcome to the 2022 Sponsor Spotlight series! As we prepare for #AFCPE2022, November 16-18, 2022, we are excited to introduce you to a few of our incredible Sponsors! Learn more about the organizations in the Exhibit Hall next week.

  1. Who are you?

Advantage Publications is a Boston based woman-owned publisher of interactive hand-held financial slide calculators, booklets and brochures.

Our mission is to increase financial literacy and readiness, empower positive economic choices and to encourage thoughtful financial behavior.

Advantage’s hand held sliding calculators assist audiences needing a visual and interactive understanding of various financial topics. They offer the opportunity to simulate real life financial situations, to easily change variables and to immediately visualize how ones choices can create high impact financial results in areas such as budgeting, student loan debt, retirement savings, or credit card debt.

We encourage you to visit our website and select free samples, as we believe that our product is best reviewed by trying it out:

All Advantage slide calculators are available personalized with an organization logo and contact information, making them useful marketing materials for events such as Financial Capability Month, Money Smart Week, and America Saves and for marketing financial education programs such as college/university money management/financial wellness centers or military personal financial management offices.

Since 1978, our informative, motivating, and user-friendly calculators have supported thousands of programs and benefited millions of people in financial education, readiness, and communication programs. Advantage is headed up by Kirby Williams, who purchased the company in 2019 after 11 years as an employee.

2. What’s new?

Scholarship Initiative

In the past year, Advantage has traveled to exhibit at: the Jump$tart National Educator’s Conference (Advantage is a Jump$tart National Partner,) the first #MilMoneyCon in Raleigh, NC, and at HEFWA in Knoxville, TN. Advantage was also a sponsor of the annual AMBA Workshop in September 2022. We have loved reconnecting with colleagues and friends and have had the opportunity to collaborate on exciting projects with organizations we admire, including DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation, the University of Kentucky and Freelance Corporal. Advantage is proud to announce a company policy implemented in honor of our founder, Victor Claman, wherein for each event or conference that Advantage Publications attends, we will sponsor scholarships for financial educators to also attend. We hope to grow the program in 2023, and have been delighted to sponsor 12 scholarships over the period of November 2021 to late October 2022.

New Product

In November 2021 Advantage Publications introduced “giant” slide calculators (20 inches tall, and yes, they work just like a regular size calculator!) as part of the Classroom Presentation Set; where one can order a set of 25 regular sized calculators and one 20 inch, working slide calculator of the same title (additional regular sized calculators are available to purchase and personalize at a discounted rate) in three titles: The Paycheck Power® Booster®, “Credit Card Smarts™” and “The Match Booster® (Based on the Blended Retirement System.)

3. Why is financial capability important to your organization?

Financial capability is what Advantage calculators aim to help people achieve. Our products simplify concepts and offer action steps that feel possible and make an impact over time, without judgment. We hope that the feeling of motivation people get from using our calculators leads them to want to learn more and if necessary, to ask for help. This is one giant reason why the AFC certification in so important: you, the counselors, are the people who are ready for that request for assistance. Your education, practical knowledge, the resources you can provide: you are a trust worthy source of information with an unmatched network through AFCPE. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

4. How can financial professionals get involved with your organization?

At Advantage, the tools we create provide a spark of knowledge, an “aha!” moment where concepts such as credit card or student loan debt, saving for retirement, compound interest or the Blended Retirement System are introduced and in an easy to understand manner and the user can pull the slide to simulate a  “what will happen if…” financial situation. We hope that the interactive experience of using one of our calculators demonstrates that in many financial situations, small steps add up over time and are worth taking. It is this action oriented motivation that we feel can bring a person to an AFC with questions, for a plan or for help. If used with an AFC in a classroom, event or counseling setting, Advantage calculators can open the conversation, be used to reinforce points in a completely non confrontational way, and as all Advantage calculators can be personalized with a logo and contact information, they also serve as a valuable marketing or SWAG piece to promote and bring people to your business, organization or program.

AFC’s, AFC candidates, and any other interested person may request free samples to review. We happily mail these out to anyone who requests because we want you to review and experience Advantage slide calculators. Most people don’t immediately know what a slide calculator is – no problem, we will send you a set. The sample request link:

Connect With Advantage Publications:

Kirby Williams, President and Publishing Director

617-742-3222 or 800-323-6809, extension 104 or 105

cell: 413-522-5491

Stop by and visit Advantage Publications at their exhibit booth at #AFCPE2022!

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